Gaming Server

The Student Technology Center currently supports a public Minecraft server. Players must have their own Minecraft accounts to play. Minecraft is available on the PC gaming stations in the Gaming Lounge.

  • Server location:
  • Server version: 1.18.1
  • Server type: Survival – Large world
  • Server Admin:  JechtRahl
  • Server Operators:  PoTayters, Auddity_
  • Plugins in use:  VR, BlockLocker, Denizen, dynamap, Bukkit, Essentials, CommandBook SetHome (/sethome to set home, /home to teleport back)

Send questions, requests and reports of abuse to

World Map

Go to in any web browser to view the world map.

Occasionally, the dynamap plugin does reset and clears the explored world in the browser. This typically only happens with version updates.

Main City

  • World Spawn location is set to the main city on the map, which is a safe zone, i.e., no zombie spawn, no pvp, and blocks cannot be placed or destroyed.
  • Occasionally supplies, basic weapons and armor are placed in chests in the main city that you may take as needed.
  • During portions of the year, occasional events take place that start in the main city.
  • Teleportation to and from the main city can be found in the giant golf ball. More teleportation spots may be added as need increases.
  • If you wish to take up residency in the main city, please email the server admin for arrangements.


Private chests can be made secure by putting the chest down and putting a sign on it. The sign should autofill with your name. Only you will be allowed access to the chest.

Server Conduct

Remember these are communal games, and be respectful of other’s homes and property. Do not steal or destroy other players' belongings.

Designate areas that you claim with visible markers or signs.

Send any reports of abuse to the admins.

New Functions and Features

We are always adding new functions and customization features. Suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to the server admin or server operators for consideration.