Reports and Faculty CVs

The Faculty Information System (FIS) organizes and builds reports on teaching, research and service activities. Once faculty update their FIS screens, many outputs can be prepared, such as annual activity reports, accreditation reports, faculty CVs, department web profiles, and more.

Faculty CVs

With the Faculty Information System, you can upload and customize your CV.  Administrators also have the option to upload CVs on faculty members' behalf. 

Running Reports

To run pre-built institutional reports, as well as other reports created by the college/department, log into the Faculty Information System and select "Reports" in the menu bar.

The following pre-built reports are available for all colleges:

-Annual Activity Report
-NIH/NSF Biographical Sketch
-Data Entry Report (Shows information entered on the faculty member’s behalf)
-Scheduled Teaching by Faculty

Creating New Reports

From the Reports menu within the Faculty Information System, select Create a New Report. Choose Blank Document or Vita, and specify date range and other filters.