Network Service Design and Implementation

IT Services provides design and implementation assistance for projects requiring new or modified service. Only IT and Facilities Management personnel are eligible to use this process. Contact your department tech support if you're not sure.

Request Network Project

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Your request should include project proposal information. The IT Services project management office and network team will schedule a consultation with you to discuss options, design, pricing, acceptance and implementation.

The network team project includes work that requires funding and six or more hours of design and implementation. All projects are required to have an expected start and completion date prior to a project being requested or work being done.

The network design consultation service is only necessary for projects with cost associated and that are not pre-authorized, for example, data center network requests and new building networks. Pre-authorized requests can be made at any time without project management or consultation services. These include firewall policy requests, port activations, DNS requests or new data drop requests. See the Campus Network page for more information.