Conferencing Tool Comparison

Students, faculty and staff have a variety of video and web conferencing options to choose from. This comparison tool will help you decide which solution will work best for your needs. 


Features Microsoft Teams Webex Zoom Collaborate Ultra
Recommended Use Recommended for staff meetings, asynchronous class chat and project collaboration. 
Not recommended for synchronous class sessions.
Meet with UARK users and guests.
Not recommended for teaching online.
Recommended for remote/hybrid classes. Can be integrated with Blackboard Learn. Recommended for remote/hybrid classes. Fully integrated with Blackboard Learn.
Meeting Capacity
Max. Participants 300 (Basic)
10,000 (Live Event)
1,000 (200 video participants) 300 (Basic)
3,000 (Limited availability by request only)
250 (Basic)
500 (Webinar mode)
Non-UARK Users Allowed Yes Yes Yes (Zoom account required) Yes
Available To Students, Faculty and Staff Students, Faculty and Staff Students, Faculty and Staff Students, Faculty and Staff
Make and Receive Telephone Calls Yes (VoIP) Yes (Non-VoIP calls to other WebEx users only) No No
Content Sharing
Screen Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annotate Shared Content No Yes Yes Yes
Shared Whiteboard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Meeting Capabilities
Breakout Rooms Yes Yes Yes (50 max.)
Not available for webinars
Yes (20 max.)
Not in available in webinar mode
Polling Yes (Microsoft Forms) Yes Yes  Yes
Cloud Recording Yes (Not for classroom recordings) Yes Yes (Kaltura) Yes (Kaltura)
Local Recording No Yes Yes No
Join Before Host Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Moderators Yes Yes Yes Yes
Raise Hand Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Features
Max. Participants Shown 49 (Large Gallery View) 25 49 25 (Per page)
Together Mode Yes No No No
Live Captioning Yes (Auto) No Yes (Auto) Yes (Manual)
Captioned Recordings Yes Yes Yes No
Meeting Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Individual and Group Chat Yes No Yes (If allowed through Host Settings) Yes (If allowed through Host Settings)
Saved Chat History Yes (Default) Yes (Custom) Yes (Custom) Yes (Saved in recording)