Subscribe or Unsubscribe from a Listserv

Use the Mailing List Search to find University of Arkansas hosted lists and subscribe or unsubscribe.

You can also subscribe/unsubscribe using email commands:

  1. Log into the email account that will be subscribed (or unsubscribed) to the list.
  2. Open a new message and remove any text, including your signature line.
  3. In the To: field, enter ""
  4. Leave the Subject line blank.
  5. In the body of the email:
    • To subscribe, enter "subscribe listname fullname"
    • To unsubscribe, enter "signoff listname fullname"
      Note: Replace "listname" with the name of the Listserv mailing list. For example, "subscribe UARKList Jane Smith." 
  6. Send the message.