Email, Calendar and Mailing Lists

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Too much junk? Use the Report Message button in Outlook to report bad email. Using the Report feature helps the email filtering system keep junk and phishing out of your inbox. Learn more about using the Report Message button.

UARK Email

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UARK Email and calendaring is provided by Microsoft 365 Outlook and provides several features for productivity, communication and security.

Microsoft 365 Groups

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Microsoft 365 Groups is a service built into Outlook Online that allows you to email and send calendar invites to lists of UARK users.

Shared Mailbox

Departmental accounts like "" can be converted or created as shared mailboxes to allow your office to send and receive email using a single account.

To convert your existing departmental account or to create a new shared mailbox, submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk.

Listserv Mailing Lists

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The university provides Listserv mailing lists for distributing email to subscribers.

Email Security

Protect sensitive data by recognizing and preventing phishing scams, managing junk mail, and sending safe email.