Microsoft 365 Groups

Microsoft 365 Groups is an email and calendaring service built into Outlook Online. With Groups, you can easily add contacts and share calendars, Planner and OneNote spaces, documents, and other resources without needing to manage distribution lists or shared mailboxes.

Log into Outlook Online

Create a New Group

  1. Log into with your UARK email address and password.
  2. From the menu on the left, scroll down to Groups. Click New group. 
  3. Follow the guidelines below for giving your group the appropriate Group name. 
  4. Under Settings, select your preferred option from the Privacy drop-down menu:
    • Public group content can be seen by everyone in the organization, and anyone with an email address can join. 
    • Private group content can only be seen by members, and group owners will need to approve any new members who want to join. 

Note: For both public and private groups, non-UARK email accounts can be invited as guests by the owner. 

Need to make a change? Switch your existing group from public to private

Naming Your Group

When creating a new group, we recommend following a consistent naming convention to avoid confusion with groups outside of your department. Group names should be concise and more than eight characters long. 

  • For groups used to communicate with a school, department or business unit (BU), we suggest starting the group name with the unit code, followed by a dash.
    Example: GRAD-All School
  • For groups not limited to a single school or department, use the group's role role of the group as a way to start the name of the group.
    Example: Research-Grant Opportunities
  • For projects, committees or other temporary uses, use the descriptor and the title of the group. 
    Example: Project-Retention Software

Learn more about Microsoft 365 Groups.