Voicemail for Analog Phones (Landline)

Alert! This service information is for AT&T analog phones only! Starting in 2019, the campus standard for phone service is VoIP. Learn more about VoIP

Access Voicemail

  1. Call 479-575-2929.
  2. Press the pound (#) key.
  3. Enter your mailbox number and then your security code.

Note: If you are calling from your extension, press the pound key twice and then enter your security code.

Listen to Messages

To listen to your messages, enter your mailbox and then press 5. If your mailbox has this option:

  • Press 1-9-1 to listen to new messages.
  • Press 1-9-2 to listen to saved messages.

Listening Features

Back up 2 Listen to previous  1-5
Back up to beginning 2-2 Reply 1-7 
Erase 3 Volume 1-8 
Go forward 4 Pause/resume
Listen to next 5 Fax
Save 7 Personal fax number
Time/date 8 Auto-print
Forward 1-3 Auto-delete
Immediately call 1-4    

Exit Mailbox

To exit your mailbox, press the pound (#) key and then press the key corresponding to the desired action listed below.

  • Press 9 to end the session.
  • Press 0 to exit your mailbox, enter another mailbox or make another call.
  • Press the star (*) key to continue using your mailbox.

Record or Change Greeting

To record or change your phone's greeting, enter your mailbox and then press 4. Use the following table to perform the desired actions.

Turn on greeting 1
Turn off greeting 2
Listen to greeting


Record new greeting 6
Leave greeting unchanged #

Customize Your Mailbox

To customize your mailbox settings, enter your mailbox and press 1 then 6. Use the following table to perform the desired actions.

Messaging waiting 1 Personal assistant 5
Security code 2 Personal distribution list 6
Offsite or pager 3 Listen to future delivery 7
Auto copy 4 Record name 8

Send a Quick Message

  1. Press the star (*) key.
  2. Enter the recipient's mailbox number.
  3. Record your message, then hang up when finished.

Record or Address Message

To record or address a message, enter your mailbox and then press 6.

Recording Features

Back up 2
Back up to beginning 2-2
Erase 3
Pause/resume *
End recording #

Address Features

Back up 0-0
Back up to beginning *
Erase  **
End recording #

Optional Addressing Features

Return receipt 1 Mark future delivery 5
Overnight/immediate delivery 2 Erase message **
Enter additional addresses 3 Send #
Mark private 4    

Check If Your Message Sent

  1. Enter your mailbox.
  2. Press 1 then 2.
  3. Enter the recipient's mailbox number.