VoIP Phone Service

Campus phone services are provided with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is a digital communication solution that can be used with physical office phones or on mobile devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Download Microsoft Teams Request VoIP for New User Report an Issue

Desk phone issues? If you have reset your UARK password, you must sign out of your phone and then sign back in.

Get Started with VoIP

Make and receive campus phone calls using the Microsoft Teams app or your desk phone. 

Departmental Phones

Additional phone services are available for departmental phone numbers, including auto-attendant call trees. 

Update Your Location

When calling 911 from a physical desk phone on campus, the location is automatically available to the dispatch operator for quick emergency response. You are responsible for ensuring your Emergency Response Location (ERL) is up to date.

ADA Accessibility

Assistance is available for VoIP users needing an accommodation due to a disability. 

Faculty/Staff: Contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance at titlevii@uark.edu or 479-575-4019.

Students: Contact the Center for Educational Access at ada@uark.edu or 479-575-3104.