Accessing MyDocs

MyDocs provides 500MB of individual file storage to every University of Arkansas student, faculty and staff member. You can use MyDocs to access files from your computer or the Documents folder in a Tech Spot computer lab.

Tech Spot Computer Labs

When logged into a Windows computer in a Tech Spot lab, anything you save to Documents will be automatically saved to your MyDocs online file storage.

When logged into a Mac in a lab, you can map a drive to access MyDocs using the address "smb://," replacing "yourUARKusername" with your own UARK username. Use the instructions in the Mapping a Drive Tech Article.

Your Computer

Use the instructions in the Mapping a Drive Tech Article to connect to MyDocs from off campus or on personal computers. Off-campus users may need to connect using VPN at before mapping a drive to the campus network. The address for mapping a drive to MyDocs from your computer is:

  • Windows: \\\mydocs\yourUARKusername\Documents
  • Mac: smb://

(Replace "yourUARKusername" with your own UARK username.)

Updated 09/15/2014

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