Self-Service Scanning

Faculty and instructors can self-scan exams by appointment between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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Wait! Before scanning, read the scanning guidelines for preparing Scantrons. See the prepared Scantron example.

Get Started

To get started using the scanner:

  1. Stack scantrons facing the same direction. Tick marks should be in the front facing toward you with the notch in the top-right corner. 
  2. Make sure the scanner (Insight 4ES) is turned on. The power button is on the back.
  3. Log into the computer using your UARK account.
  4. Open Box Drive and log in with your UARK account.

Scanning Instructions

  1. Open the ReMark application from the desktop. From the toolbar, click Read and make sure the Enable Imaging option is selected. Enter a single page into the scanner and scan. 
  2. From the desktop, double-click the batch file. You will be prompted to provide the following information:
    • Instructor's UARK username (lowercase only)
    • Course and test information (no spaces allowed)
      (Blackboard Course ID, section number, exam number) Example: BIOL-1543-002-Exam2-KeyA
    • Form number (1 = Pearson 4521; 2 = Pearson 6703)
  3. Once the ReMark software loads, place a stack of scantrons on the feed tray and press OK. When the scanner feed tray is empty, you'll be given a choice to add more scantrons or end scanning. 
  4. Once all exams are scanned, follow the steps for the Advanced Grade screen:
    1. Answer Key: Define/Import Test Answer Key.
    2. Import answer key from Data Set (Grid) Row, 1, and then click Import Key. 
    3. Change settings for question properties and multiple key information as needed.
    4. Click Save. When asked for a filename, press Ctrl+V to paste the filename from the clipboard.
    5. Press Enter to save. Click the Grade button.
  5. Reports will start to generate. When prompted to select all users, press the Next (>>) icon and click Run Report.
  6. Close Excel and ReMark. 

Scanning Errors

  • If a test form is rejected, remove the form and select Continue Scanning.
    • Make sure there are no stray marks and that the form is not bent or folded.
    • Fix any issues if possible and feed the form through the scanner again.

  • If there are issues with test results:
    • Make sure the name, ID and any special codes on the form were completed correctly.
    • Make sure the form is not blank.