Gaming Server

We are excited to announce that the UARK Gaming STC Minecraft server is now open and available for all of our students to join! Meet other students who share your interest in gaming and to have fun exploring our modded Minecraft world. Whether you are an experienced player or a beginner, there is something for everyone on our server.

Join Discord Server

Players must have their own Minecraft accounts to play. Minecraft is also available on the PC gaming stations in the Gaming Lounge.

  • Server location:
  • Server version: 1.19.2
  • Server type: Survival
  • Server Admins: Rexorter, JechtRahl, Col_Kenco
  • Server Operators: Rexorter, Nictionary, Col_Kenco


Private chests can be made secure by putting the chest down and putting a sign on it. The sign should autofill with your name. Only you will be allowed access to the chest.

Server Conduct

Remember these are communal games, and be respectful of other's homes and property. Do not steal or destroy other players' belongings.

Designate areas that you claim with visible markers or signs.

Send questions, requests and reports of abuse to

New Functions and Features

We are always adding new functions and customization features. Suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to the server admins or server operators for consideration.