About Hard Tokens

The hard token is an alternative method for those who are unable to use the Authenticator app or other phone options for multi-factor authentication. To get started, purchase a YubiKey hard token device through RazorBuy.

For assistance setting up multi-factor authentication, please create a ticket or contact the IT Help Desk.

Get Started

Wait! If you initially requested a hard token between March 18 and April 15, you must contact the IT Help Desk at 479-575-2905 or by online chat to re-enable multifactor authentication for your UARK account before you begin the setup steps. 

How It Works

Once you have completed the setup steps, the YubiKey hard token device is inserted into your computer's USB drive. With the token plugged into your computer, it will automatically verify your account when logging into a UARK online service from that computer.


Note: If you use multiple computers, you must have your YubiKey with you to use with the other computers. The Yubico Authenticator application must be installed on any computer you use to log into UARK online services.