The University of Arkansas is an eduroam member, providing secure wireless access to visitors from participating institutions, as well as making wireless access available to UARK users when traveling to participating institutions.

Eduroam is an international research and education community funded in part by the National Science Foundation and Internet2 Net+. 

UARK Users

When UARK users connect to the eduroam wireless network, they are subject to the usage policies and restrictions of that institution. Look for the "eduroam" wireless network, and connect using your UARK email address and password (for example, ""). If you experience issues while connecting to wireless at a visited institution, contact the Help Desk.

Visiting Users

Visitors to the University of Arkansas from any eduroam participating institution can look for the "eduroam" wireless network and connect by logging in with their institution's email address and password (for example, ""). Visitors are subject to University of Arkansas policies and restrictions, outlined in the Code of Computing Practices. Visitors who experience issues while connecting to the eduroam wireless network at the University of Arkansas should contact technical support at their home institution.

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