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The university provides wired and wireless internet access for all students, faculty and staff on campus.

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UARK Wi-Fi is the secure network for all UARK users, offering unrestricted internet access. Select the network on your device and log in with your UARK username and password.

UARK Guest Wi-Fi is a limited network for visitors and those who do not have UARK accounts. Select the network on your device, open your web browser and enter any valid email address (for example,

Eduroam provides secure Wi-Fi to visitors from participating institutions and makes wireless available to UARK users when traveling. Learn more about eduroam.

If you are a new student, faculty or staff member at the University of Arkansas, see the Get Started checklist.

More Information

If you experience problems connecting to UARK Wi-Fi, "forget" the network on your device and add it again. Detailed setup instructions are available for:

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Residence Halls

Residence halls use the ResNet network. Contact ResNet for technical support or to report a problem with internet access in your room. Learn more about ResNet.

Off-Campus Network Access

For faculty and staff who work from home, virtual private network (VPN) is essential for accessing on-campus remote desktops, servers or other resources. 

Wireless Routers

IT Services prohibits the use of on-campus wireless routers by students, faculty and staff. Wireless routers can inhibit traffic flow through the university network, negatively impacting the quality of internet access for other users sharing the same local network.

Game Consoles and Other Devices

NetAccess is a hidden wireless network used for devices that cannot connect to UARK Wi-Fi.