Campus Wi-Fi Access

The university provides wired and wireless internet access for all students, faculty and staff on campus.

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Having trouble connecting to UARK Wi-Fi?
"Forget" the network on your device and try again. 

  • UARK Wi-Fi provides unlimited internet access for all UARK users. Select the network on your device and log in with your UARK username and password.
  • Eduroam is available to visitors from participating institutions and makes wireless available to UARK users when traveling. Learn more about eduroam.
  • UARK Guest Wi-Fi is an unsecured network for visitors only. Connections expire after 8 hours, and access to internal private networks is strictly prohibited. 
  • UARK Registered is a special-use network for authorized devices that cannot otherwise authenticate to UARK Wi-Fi. These include AppleTV, Roku, wireless TVs, gaming consoles, etc. Learn more about UARK Registered.

More Information

If you experience problems connecting to UARK Wi-Fi, "forget" the network on your device and add it again. Detailed setup instructions are available for:

For detailed instructions, visit our Tech Articles about Wi-Fi access.

Off-Campus Network Access

For faculty and staff who work from home, virtual private network (VPN) is essential for accessing on-campus remote desktops, servers or other resources. 

Wireless Routers

IT Services prohibits the use of on-campus wireless routers by students, faculty and staff. Wireless routers can inhibit traffic flow through the university network, negatively impacting the quality of internet access for other users sharing the same local network.


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