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Listserv mailing lists allow for widespread distribution of email to subscribers.

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University of Arkansas Hosted Listerv Search

Search for Listerv mailing lists inside the University of Arkansas.

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To subscribe to a University of Arkansas hosted mailing list, search above using the exact list name, or browse Listserv’s Email Lists. Select a list and click the Subscribe or Unsubscribe link on the right.

See the Listserv Settings Tech Article.

Create a Mailing List

Request a new mailing list using the Listserv Request form. Mailing lists must serve a distinct purpose associated with the university's goals and cannot duplicate a list already in existence. The following individuals or groups are eligible to manage a Listserv mailing list:

  • Faculty and staff
  • Registered student organizations (RSO) who have requested and gained approval through the Division of Student Affairs

View Archives

Archives are sorted by date and can be searched by topic or keyword. Search or select the list, and select Search Archive on the right. Many lists will not display archives unless you are subscribed.

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