About UARK Email

Office 365 Outlook is the official email and calendaring service for students, faculty and staff. Check your email on the web with Outlook Online or using the Outlook app.

Log into Outlook Online Report an Issue

Too much junk? Use the Report Message button in Outlook to report bad email. Using the Report feature helps the email filtering system keep junk and phishing out of your inbox. Learn more about using the Report Message button.

How Tos

When setting up your email, log in with your full @uark.edu email address and UARK password.

Department Mailboxes

A department can request email for a new or existing account to provide a point of contact, for example, admissions@uark.edu. Email can also be provided on an as-needed basis for affiliate accounts.

Meeting Rooms and Other Resources

Resources such as meeting rooms, projectors and other items can be reserved by inviting them as "attendees" of meetings. 

Email Security

Protect sensitive data by recognizing and preventing phishing scams, managing junk mail, and sending safe email.