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Accessing MyDocs
You can use MyDocs to access files from your computer or the Documents folder in a Tech Spot computer lab.
Activate Microsoft Office from Off Campus
Activate your UARK licensed copy of Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 from off campus.
Active Directory Organizational Units (OU)
Create and manage an Active Directory Organizational Unit.
Add UA Holidays to Exchange Calendar
This article describes how to display all day, banner entries for university holidays in your Outlook calendar.
BASIS Print Setup for Windows
Set up BASIS printing on non-networked computers in Windows.
BI/Data Warehouse for MS Access
Work with BI/Data Warehouse using MS Access.
Blackboard Collaborate
With Blackboard Collaborate, users on campus or anywhere in the world can access virtual collaborative spaces to participate in online course sessions, office hours or committee meetings.
Blackboard Learn
Visit for help with Blackboard Learn.
CNAME Records
CNAME records are aliases for existing A or AAAA records, and can stand alone or as part of a host record. In the Infoblox GUI, the terms “CNAME” and “alias” are used interchangeably.
Visit for help with Clickers.
Distribution Switch Locations
Network distribution switches route campus network traffic to various buildings on campus.
Eduroam Wi-Fi
The University of Arkansas is an eduroam member, providing secure wireless access to visitors from participating institutions.
Email Filters
Setting filters for spam or other messages in UARK Gmail or OWA allows you to indicate which messages you wish to block or redirect at the server level.
Exchange Email Rules
Create, edit and delete rules with the Office 365 Outlook Web App. Rules allow you to automatically filter email into folders or set other commands.
Exchange Online Sharing and Delegating
Set up sharing and delegation of calendars and other items in Outlook.
Exchange Resource Calendars
Request and manage resource calendar accounts in Exchange.
Exchange Setup for Macs
Set up your Exchange mailbox in Outlook 2011, Outlook 2016, macOS Mail/OS X Mail.
Exchange Setup for Mobile Devices
Set up your Exchange mailbox on a mobile device.
Exchange Windows Setup
Set up your faculty or staff Exchange Online mailbox in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016.
Find a DNS Entry
Find the DNS entry for your computer or site.
Finding Your IP Address
Find your IP address and reset an IP address.
Finding Your MAC Address
Find your MAC address in Windows or Mac.
Forwarding Email
Set your UARK Gmail to automatically forward to a personal email account.
Generic Email Settings
Set up your UARK mailbox in an unsupported or open-source email client such as Thunderbird, MailBird, Zimbra Desktop, etc.
Gmail Password for Older Apps
Google Apps and Accessibility Guidelines
While access to Google Apps offers powerful sharing and collaboration tools, the accessibility of files created in Google Apps may vary as Google continues with development of these tools.
Google Apps for Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff can use Google Apps to share Google Drive content with students by creating Google accounts using their Exchange account information.
Host Records
Host records consolidate DNS, DHCP and IP address information in single place. A single host record is equivalent to creating A, PTR, and CNAME resource records for an IPv4 address.
IT Services Word Usage
When writing documentation, check this list for proper word usage.
Identity Finder
Download and use Identity Finder, a software tool designed to prevent identity theft.
Install Kofax Capture for Windows
Download and install Kofax Capture for Windows.
Joining a Workstation to Active Directory
Join Windows or Mac computers to Active Directory on campus.
Kofax Capture Pre-installation Steps
Follow these steps to fulfill security requirements before installing Kofax Capture.
Listserv Settings
Manage your subscribed mailing list settings, and mange Listservs you own.
MAC Filters
MAC filters are used to make sure that the correct PXE booting options are sent to the correct clients in campus buildings occupied by multiple departments with local IT support.
MATLAB Student Setup
Students can download and activate MATLAB free of charge.
Maintenance Schedules
Scheduled maintenance is performed on the following systems as needed within these published time frames.
Mapping a Drive
This article includes common network locations, mapping a drive in Windows, and connecting to a server on a Mac.
Nebula Setup Instructions
Follow the setup instructions for your first time accessing Nebula. Nebula is a cloud computing platform for research and development.
Network Printing
How to register a printer on the network.
OU Security Groups in Active Directory
Create and manage security groups in an Active Directory Organizational Unit.
Office 365 Desktop Apps
Install Office 365 apps like Excel, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word on your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop.
Office 365 Mobile Setup
Install and set up Office 365 apps like Excel, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices.
Office 365 OneDrive
Manage your files with OneDrive.
Office 365 Online Apps
Office 365 allows you to use Office apps like Excel, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word in your web browser without installing any software.
OneDrive Troubleshooting
The Microsoft Office Support team provides troubleshooting tips relating to naming, uploading and syncing files with OneDrive.
Password-protect Microsoft Office Files
Protect student information or other sensitive data by requiring a password to open a Microsoft Office file.
Perceptive Content for Windows
To work with large volumes of files, complex workflows, batch scanning and indexing, and bulk loading of documents, download and install the Perceptive Content application for Windows.
Phishing Scams
Phishing scams have become much more sophisticated at imitating university communications, and IT Services encourages users to take care in evaluating email messages that purport to be from the university.
Printing from BASIS
Selected items, such as reports, can be printed from a BASIS session using a networked printer or a printer attached to a networked computer.
Printing from the Web
With Web Print, you can submit PDFs or documents from Excel, Word and PowerPoint to any General Access Computing Lab printer on campus.
Quotas and Server Information
Get quota information for servers hosted at the University of Arkansas.
Real World Safety in the Virtual World
Today's Internet is big business, and what happens online can have a big impact in your real world.
Report Abusive Email and Expand Headers
Forward abusive email to with expanded headers in UARK Gmail, Exchange, Outlook and macOS Mail (OS X Mail).
Requesting SSL Certificates
Generate SSL certificates and submit Certificate Signing Requests to the IT Services Security Team.
SAS is an integrated suite of analytics software products, available by site license and in the General Access Computing Labs
SAS Tutorial Information
Faculty and students can access SAS e-Learning materials with a licensed copy of SAS.
SPSS site licenses are available for purchase from IT Services, and SPSS for Windows is available in computer labs.
Securing Sensitive Data
University employees have a legal responsibility to protect personal faculty, staff and student data.
Securing Your Passwords
Get tips and learn general best practices for saving and protecting your passwords.
Service Account Guidelines
A UARK service account is intended to authenticate one system, subsystem or application to another. Service accounts are not intended for personal use.
SharePoint Online Group Access
SharePoint Online sites have three types of group access automatically given default permission levels.
SharePoint Online Navigation Tools
SharePoint Online includes a set of customizable navigation features to help users find content in lists, libraries, and sub-sites.
SharePoint Online Permission Levels
The level of access for users on a SharePoint Online site can be customized by changing permissions.
SharePoint Online Permissions for Site Owners
Using security groups to grant access to SharePoint Online sites
Sharing an Exchange Calendar
Share and publish calendars in Outlook Web App.
Skype for Business Mac Setup
The Skype for Business application for Mac is available to faculty and staff through the Office 365 campuswide license.
Skype for Business Mobile Setup
Install and set up Skype for Business on an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device. Before you get started, connect your mobile device to Wi-Fi.
Skype for Business Windows Setup
The Skype for Business application for Windows is available to faculty and staff through the campuswide Office365 license.
Software Updates and Backups
Keeping your software up-to-date is as important—perhaps even more important—than keeping antivirus software updated.
Spam is unsolicited bulk email—indiscriminate, network-wide broadcasted messages which distribute advertisements and solicitations.
Streaming Video with Kaltura
Kaltura allows you to create and share videos in Blackboard.
Style Guide for University Online Forms
When creating online forms, use this guide for proper styles and labels.
Technology Enhanced Classroom Document Camera
Learn how to use the document camera in a Campus Standard Technology Enhanced Classroom.
Technology Enhanced Classroom Equipment Status
Check the status of equipment in Technology Enhanced Classrooms.
Technology Enhanced Classroom Standard Locations
Get a list of standard Technology Enhanced Classroom locations and contact information.
Technology Enhanced Classrooms: Annotation
Learn how to use annotation software in Campus Standard Technology Enhanced Classrooms.
Technology Enhanced Classrooms: Other Locations
Get a list of non-Campus Standard Technology Enhanced Classroom locations and contact information.
Test Scanning and Scoring Instructions
Drop-off and self-service test scanning is available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, in Gibson Annex next to the Fine Arts building.
Transfer UARK Gmail to a Personal Gmail Account
Students can transfer their UARK Gmail account inbox to a personal Gmail account.
UARK Gmail Mac Setup
Connect to UARK Gmail in Outlook or macOS Mail (OS X Mail).
UARK Gmail Setup for Mobile Devices
Connect to UARK Gmail on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone 7.
UARK Gmail Windows Setup
Connect to UARK Gmail in Outlook 2010 and 2013.
UARK Wi-Fi Mac Setup
Connect to UARK Wi-Fi using Mac OS X.
UARK Wi-Fi Mobile Setup
Connect to UARK Wi-Fi using your mobile device.
UARK Wi-Fi Ubuntu Setup
Connect to UARK Wi-Fi in Ubuntu using the correct security settings.
UARK Wi-Fi Windows Setup
Connect to UARK Wi-Fi with Windows.
VPN Mac Setup
Install Pulse Secure to connect to the University of Arkansas virtual private network (VPN) using Mac OS X.
VPN Mobile Setup
Install Pulse Secure for iOS or Android to connect to the University of Arkansas virtual private network (vpn) from your mobile device.
VPN Windows Setup
Install Pulse Secure to connect to the University of Arkansas virtual private network (VPN) using Windows.
Wipe Data from Stolen or Lost Mobile Device
If your phone is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised, you can remotely wipe its data using the Office 365 Outlook Web App, protecting your identity and sensitive data.
Writing Verifiable Emails
A legitimate email can easily be disregarded as spam or a phishing attempt, creating a problem when important information that requires follow-up on the part of the recipient is ignored.

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