Increase your cybersecurity awareness to protect your identity and devices, as well as keep our university resources safe from attacks.

Report Phishing Report Security Incident Complete the Cybersecurity Checklist

Heads up! IT Services recently began implementing an initial data loss prevention strategy that examines email messages and files across Microsoft 365 for sensitive information to help prevent the unintentional or accidental sharing of sensitive data. Read more.

Email and Messaging

Protect sensitive data by recognizing and preventing phishing scams, managing junk mail, and sending safe email.


Prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands by protecting your personal and university-owned devices.


Secure account management is essential to preventing cyberattacks. 

University Resources

Do your part to prevent potential attacks by staying informed and being a good steward of university resources. 


Familiarize yourself with frameworks and university policies for maintaining secure data, accounts and other resources.