UARK Gmail

UARK Gmail is the official email and calendaring service for students, provided with Google Apps for Education including Drive, Hangouts and other services.

Get Started

Log into UARK Gmail with your UARK username and password.

Your UARK Gmail address is Official university communication is sent to this address. 

Set up UARK Gmail on your phone's Gmail app using your UARK email address and password. For manual setup, use the incoming mail server "" and the outgoing mail server "" 

More Information

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Some things you should know about your UARK Gmail mailbox:

Student Exchange Mailbox

Eligible students can request an Exchange Online mailbox for accessing class rosters, ADA accommodation or part-time campus jobs.

Bookmarking UARK Gmail

UARK Gmail uses UARK Central Login, a service that provides access to other university applications through a single sign-on process. To create a bookmark to UARK Gmail (rather than UARK Central Login), you must edit your bookmark Address/URL to 

The Fine Print

  • UARK Gmail does not have a built-in directory of UARK email addresses. You can search for university email addresses using the Campus Directory in your web browser.
  • Some older email apps like Outlook 2010 might require you to use a special IMAP password that is separate from your primary UARK account password. Learn more about IMAP passwords for UARK Gmail.
  • UARK Gmail is not available to children under 13 years old. 

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